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If anyone is planning on buying online from Burt's Bees - Natural Skin Care, Natural Beauty and Natural Personal Care Products , you can currently get a free tube of natural Multicare Toothpaste with any $35.00 order using these promo codes!

Multicare with fluoride - PROMO1
Multicare without flouride - PROMO2

PARENT ALERT: 2010 National Veterans Day Poster and Essay Contest

I thought this would be cool for all the parents out there to see. I just found these contests open to students in 1st through 8th grade; must be received by October 1, 2010. I think it's easily explained on the site so here is the link:

2010 National Veterans Day Poster and Essay Contest | Paralyzed Veterans of America

Click and follow the links on their site to the guidelines, forms, and other information to find out more about these contests!

Product Review: Carmex Moisture Plus Lip Balm

A few more posts to go. . .these are all posted on my coupon trading sites; AFullCup and HotCouponWorld; I'm just trying to have all of my blogs updated with the same posts. If anyone wants to know more about those sites, by the way, just comment me or email me.

Howdy! Today I'm going to do my very first review over a product that I have never tried before.

Today's review is over one of the free after Register Rewards products at Walgreens this week. I tried the Carmex Moisture Plus ultra hydrating lip balm, the sheer peach tint, today before I went out on my errands. The package states that it has vitamin e, shea butter, and aloe for moisturizing protection, sunscreen/SPF 15, and a slanted tip. Also I would like to point out on the back of the package it states: "Tested on family members - never on animals!". I gave it a few points for that, and also for the different colors that it comes in. I do like the fact that it was easy to apply, even though I used a mirror, one could easily apply this without a mirror. When I first opened the actual product, I was concerned about how dark the color appeared. It's more of a dark coral hue than what I was expecting. I was also afraid that once I put it on, that it would look more orange than peach. I decided to try it anyway, and my over all opinion about this product is that it's nice, but not great. I didn't like the color at first. I thought it was rather dark with my skin tone (which is like ultra pale). But I would say that the color grows on you. Or at least it did for me. It felt very silky and soft on my lips. I could kind of feel it moisturizing my lips. Not too thick, and too thin; not too heavy. It is sticky like lip gloss, but it's tinted lip balm so I figured it would be sticky. It does smell a little bit like the original carmex in the little pots, but it's not over powering or very noticeable after a while. This lip balm isn't flavored, but it tastes okay. I would like to mention that I took it with me on my errands, and the lip balm began to melt after about 15 minutes in the truck. By the time I got home, it was mostly a cylinder shaped glob of messiness. The product does stay on for a little bit, but I had to reapply it 4 times in a 3 and a half hour time span. I really like that it seems to even out the color tone of your lips, without you having to apply more to one side, then the other, then the first side again, then the middle (know what I mean?!). I was really surprised to find out that this product doesn't stain based on my experience; or it may slightly stain I guess I should say. You can also see the "sheer" in the product.

This is a stay-at-home product for me. I won't be packing this one in my purse, just in case it melts. I hate cleaning sticky, goopy lip stuff off of other make up cases or mini mirrors.

Since it melted, it no longer stays in the tube and will soon be suck to the inside of the cap. Which is a bummer because, as I mentioned, I just opened it today! *sighs* I might pick this up as a stocking stuffer for my family and friends but only if I was paying less than 1/3 of the retail price and if I had room to store it until the holidays.

Hope this was helpful. Please comment so that I have some idea of how I am doing.

Opinions expressed are mine alone with no outside influences.

CVS Trip 9/1

I'm still playing catch up so here's another post from the past!

Okay, so if you couldn't tell by now, I really love shopping at CVS. I did go to Walgreens for a few "freebies" that didn't really make me too happy. I know that they now have a coupon policy (which is posted on their website), but it seems like the personnel there aren't as knowledgeable about coupons as the personnel at CVS. Also today at one of their locations I was told that I can only do 2 transactions. I would love to know where that one is stated, but I decide just to do my 2 and leave. Then at another location I was told that I'm really not supposed to go to different store and buy the other products that I didn't buy at the first location because that if the store wanted me to buy all of the products, they wouldn't limit it to 2 transactions, by a cashier. I just smiled, told her "oh okay, thank you" , and walked out of the store. I don't even know what to say about that one, so if anyone wants to comment, please feel free.

So on to wait you all have been waiting for, my almost tax only CVS shopping trip.

Transaction #1 Card #1
1 Sobe Lifewater 20 oz @ $1.59


1 MAN -Free Sobe 20 oz product -$1.59 (homemailer)

subtotal: .00
tax: .11
TOTAL: $0.11

Total ECB's Received: $1.00 (GBT)

Transaction #2 Card #1
1 Conair 1" Curling Iron @ $7.99 w/ $5.00 ECB

1 CVS -$6.99 ECB Philips In Ear Headphones
1 CVS -$1.00 ECB Green Bag Tag

subtotal: .00
tax: .48
TOTAL: $0.48

Total ECB's Received: $5.00

Transaction #3 Card #2
2 Golden Emblem Trail Mix @ $1.50 ea = $3.00
1 Kraft Mayo 30 oz @ $1.50 *NOTE: Check the expiration date on these. At one of my stores 3 out of 5 were already expired and 1 of the last 2 expires on the 3rd. I was able to get rainchecks for the 3 that already expired (I was planning on buying 4, so this worked out perfectly)
2 Emerald Dry Roasted Peanuts 4.5 oz @ $1.00 ea = $2.00
2 Emerald Honey Roasted Peanuts 4.5 oz @ $1.00 ea = $2.00
1 Wheat Thins 4 oz @ $1.00
2 Sobe Lifewaters 20 oz @ 1.59 ea = $3.18
1 Conair 5/8" Curling Iron @ $7.99 w/$5.00 ECB


2 CVS -$1.00/1 Golden Emblem Trail Mix (Reinventing Beauty Mag.)
1 MAN -$1.50/1 Kraft Mayo/Miracle Whip 30 oz (Tearpad for at Publix)
2 MAN -$1.50/2 Emerald products 3.5 oz or larger (insert)
1 MAN -$1.00/1 Wheat Thins (facebook ip)
2 MAN -Free Sobe 20 oz product -$3.18 (homemailer)
1 CVS -$6.99 ECB Philips In Ear Headphones
1 CVS -$3.00 ECB (I don't remember which one this is)

subtotal: .00
tax: .72
TOTAL: $0.72

Total ECB's Received: $5.00

Transaction #4 Card #3
1 Conair 3/4" Curling Iron @ $7.99 w/$5.00 ECB


1 CVS -$1.00 ECB
1 CVS -$6.99 ECB Philips In Ear Headphones

subtotal: .00
tax: .48
TOTAL: $0.48

Total ECB's Received: $5.00

Transaction #5 Card #3
Raincheck - Glade Sense & Spray Starter Kit @ $5.00 ($3.00 ECB wys $10.00)
1 Ice Cream Scoop @ $0.50
2 Ice Cream Bowls @ $0.50 ea = $1.00
1 candle @ $0.99
1 12 pack Bottle Caps Can Topper thingies (As Seen on TV isle) @ $5.99
1 CVS brand paper plates (the going green kind) @ $2.50

1 MAN -$4.00 Glade Starter Kit (peelie)
1 CVS -$3.00 any one As Seen On TV Product (Savings Center Machine coupon, also is a one day only)
1 CVS -$8.00 ECB (I can't remember this one either)

subtotal: .95
tax: .34
TOTAL: $1.29

Total ECB's Received: $0.00

That last transaction was me just getting a few things that we needed here at the house without having to spend too much oop. I do hate that I won't be able to use that $8.00 ECB on next weeks snuggie deal, but I think I can work something else out for it.

I might post my Walgreens trip later, I'm really tired right now. I think I'm only going to shop at Walgreen when there is something that I will actually use for cheap or free. But other than that I'm staying clear of Walgreens for a while, especially since I can no longer combine the Walgreens monthly coupons from their booklet with a manufacturer's coupon. *yawns*

I missed the cheap/free pasta from FoodLion last week, but I know there is a deal this week at Publix on pasta, so I'll be back later with a shopping trip from them for ya'll. *yawns, again*

And on that note, I bid you good night.

CVS Trip 8/31

There is another older post about my shopping trip!

Hi, I'm back with another great deal I did yesterday at CVS. I would like to point out that I think these are good deals for people who are just learning how to shop at CVS!

Transaction #1 Card #1
2 Lady's speed stick gel 24/7 @ 2/$6
3 Kraft Miracle Whip 30 oz @ $1.50 each


2 CVS -$1.00 any Lady Speed Stick product (from the Reinventing Mag.)
3 MAN -$1.50 wyb one Kraft Mayo/Miracle Whip Dressing 30 oz (Tearpad)
2 CVS -$1.00 ECB's
1 CVS -$2.00 ECB

subtotal: .00
tax: .33
TOTAL: $0.33

Total ECB's Received: $3.00 & $1.00 GBT

So 33 cents even for 2 deodorants and 3 30oz Mayo's. I'd say that's one for the Price Book!

What do ya think?

CVS Trip 8/29

I will post my "How To Shop @ CVS" later, I still have to get all of the information together; but in the mean time, here is on of my recent trips.

Okay so this is one of my more complicated trips to CVS, but I think it was really great. I went at midnight on Saturday, so that I could try to get the deals for both weeks, and I am in the process of de-stashing my rainchecks.

Transaction #1 Card #1
Raincheck - Spend $10, get $3 ECB on certain Glade products-
4 Glade 4oz candles @ $2.50 each - $10

Raincheck - Blink tears .50 oz pa $7.99 w/ $7.99 ECB from last week or so -
1 Blink Tears Lubricating Eye Drops @ $7.99

Raincheck - M&M Pretzel pa $1/2 w/ $1 ECB wyb 2-
2 M&M Pretzel single bags @ $1/2


1 CVS -$5/$15 purchase
1 CVS -$0.50 wyb 2 M&M Pretzel
4 MAN -$1/1 Glade Jar 4oz Candle
1 MAN -$1.50 Blink Tears product
1 CVS -$2.99 ECB
1 CVS - $5 ECB

subtotal: .00
tax: .55
TOTAL: $0.55

Total ECB Received: $11.99

(Some people, , would break it down even further by subtracting the total value of ECB's used to pay for the transaction and by subtracting the total amount of oop I actually had to pay from the total value of the ECB's received {$11.99-$0.55-$7.99=$3.45}; which shows how the store paid me to take the items home! )

Transaction #2 Card #1
1 In Ear Headphones @ $6.99 w/ $6.99 ECB

1 CVS -20% purchase -$1.39
1 CVS -$2 ECB
1 CVS -$3 ECB

subtotal: .60
tax: .18
TOTAL: $0.78

Total ECB's Received: $6.99

(Once again, broken down it shows that I was paid $1.21 to take it home!)

Transaction #3 Card #2-side note: I should have had the cashier scan the last coupon first, oh well, that's coupon tuition for ya!
Raincheck - BioTrue 2 oz pa $2.99 w/$2.99 ECB-
1 BioTrue 2 oz @ $2.99

1 MAN -$2 BioTrue 2 oz
1 CVS -20% purchase -$0.24

subtotal: .75
tax: .19
TOTAL: $0.94

Total ECB's Received: $2.99

(I was paid $2.05 to take it home!)

Transaction #4 Card #2
1 In Ear Headphones @ $6.99 w/ $6.99 ECB


1 CVS -$4 ECB
1 CVS -$2.99 ECB

subtotal: .00
tax: .27
TOTAL: $0.27

Total ECB's Received: $6.99

(This one was just free!)

Transaction #5 Card #3
Raincheck - M&M Pretzel pa $1/2 w/ $1 ECB wyb 2-
4 M&M Pretzel single bags @ $1/2

1 In Ear Headphones @ $6.99 w/$6.99 ECB


1 CVS -20% purchase -$1.92
2 CVS -$0.50 wyb 2 M&M Pretzels
1 CVS -$1 ECB
1 CVS -$5 ECB

subtotal: .07
tax: .08
TOTAL: $0.15

Total ECB's Received: $8.99

(I was paid $2.84 to take it home!)

NOTES: I realize that you are only supposed to have one card, and I do. I have one card, my fiance has one card, and my mother-in-law has one card. I just do all of the shopping! One of my good friends wants me to do his shopping too, I just don't know if I'll be able to keep it all straight! Also it seem like early Christmas shopping for some people. I know next week (9/5-9/11) at CVS the varsity Snuggie will be on sale and there is a $5.00 off printable coupon, making for another cheap Christmas gift.

Tell me what ya'll think!

It's Me Melbie Blog Giveaway - Must See!

I was checking out It's Me Melbie!, a great blog that features reviews over products and tons of giveaways! One giveaway in particular is the LaVaque Tweezers Review and Giveaway. Based on her review I can confidently say that I LOVE these tweezers! The Pink Swarovski Tourmaline tweezers are so just adorable! Not to mention that $3.00 from the sale of one pair of the Pink Swarovski Tourmaline tweezers goes to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Save the Boobies! This giveaway ends on September 10, 2010.  Click on the links to learn more!

What I Got in the Mail This Week: 8/30 - 9/4

This week I received a lot of stuff in the mail. Most of it's coupons, but I did get a few free samples and other stuff.

All of the coupons listed below were from a current trade for 30 non insert coupons.
Save $1.00/1 any El Monterey Enchiladas or Chicken Mexicana x11/30/10 - Blinkie
Save $0.55/2 any variety Pillsbury Refirgerated Cookie Dough x10/13/10 - Peelie
Save $0.55/1 Solo square product x10/19/10 - Blinkie
Save $1.00/1 any o.b. tampon product x6/30/11 - Homemailer
Save $1.00/1 Reynold's wrap foil (ex. 20,25,30 sq. ft.) x9/30/10 - Tearpad
Save $6.00 wyb $20 in participating products x12/31/10 - Tearpad
Save $1.00/1 package of Kool Aid Fun Fizz x12/31/10 - Tearpad
Save $0.50 on any Barry's Bakery French Twist Product x10/1/10 - Mag.
Save $1.00/1 any High Liner Sea Cuisine Product x3/31/11 - Tearpad
Free Milk (max. $2.00) wyb 4 Kid's Kitchen Meals x12/31/10 - Tearpad
Save $0.50/2 Crystal Light 10 ct powered beverages x12/31/10 - Tearpad
Save $0.75/2 Betty Crocker Warm Delights bowls or mini bowls x11/31/10 - unknown
Save $1.00/1 any Food Should Taste Good bag of natural chips x3/1/11 - Mag
Save $1.00/2 KC Masterpiece Barbecue Sauce or Marinade x10/31/10 - unknown
Save $1.00/2 packages of Dixie ultra plates and napkins x10/31/10 - unknown
Save $1.00/2 Betty Crocker Box Supreme Brownie Mixes x10/31/10 - unknown
Save $1.00/2 packages of Flatout products x12/31/10 - Mag.
Save $2.00 on Ocean Spray wyb 2 Frosted Mini Wheats x9/30/10 - Booklet
Save $2.00 on store bread wyb 2 Rice Krispies Treats x9/30/10 - Booklet
Save $2.00 on one gallon of Milk wyb 2 pkgs of Keebler and/or Sunshine multipacks x9/30/10 - Booklet
Save $2.00 on one 12-24 pk store brand Bottled Water wyb one box Special K cereal and one pkg Special K Protein products x9/30/10 - Booklet
Save $2.00 on store baggies wyb 2 boxes of certain Kellogg's cereal x9/30/10 - Booklet
Save $1.00/2 certain Bugles snacks x9/22/10 - unknown
Save $0.55/2 any Oscar Mayer hot dogs and any bottle of Claussen Sweet Pickle Relish x11/31/10 - Tearpad
Save $1.00/1 Blue Diamond Aseptic or Chilled Almond Breeze x3/31/11 - Mag
Save $1.00/1 Good Seasons 4pk or 5pk x9/30/10 - Tearpad
Save $2.00/1 Planters nut-rition product x9/30/10 - Tearpad
Save $1.00/1 Jennie-O Turkey Burgers x9/30/10 - Tearpad
Save $1.50/2 Hidden Valley Original Ranch Light Dressing x9/30/10 - Tearpad
Save $2.00 (by mail) on any chicken, beef, or pork wyb 2 certain WishBone products x12/31/11 - Tearpad

After going through those coupons, I figured I'd use about a half of them and trade the one that I don't use.

I also received my coupons from Welcome to My Coke Rewards | My Coke Rewards. If you haven't signed up for that site yet, I suggest you take a break and go check it out. It's pretty cool, you redeem points found on certain Coca-Cola products for prizes that you get to choose! This was my first time redeeming my rewards and I'm still waiting for one more coupon to arrive. Anyways, here are the coupons I got from them:

(2) Free 20 oz Minute Maid x12/31/10
(1) Free 32 oz Powerade x12/31/10
(1) Free 12-pack of these products: Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Coca-Cola Zero, Sprite, Fanta, Pibb, Vault, and Fresca x12/31/10

Some of my rewards from Sobe's promotion arrived this week. You can go here to find out more about it SoBe Heads Or Tails?.
(4) Free 20 oz Sobe (any flavor) x9/30/10

If you go to Welcome | Home Made Simple you can request their coupon booklet. This booklet has 21 coupons for multiple brands and products, although it's mostly cleaners and air fresheners.

Save $5.00/1 Swiffer SweeperVac Starter Kit x4/30/11
Buy a Sweeper Starter Kit, Get a Free Refill (up to $7.00) x4/30/11
Save $1.00/1 Swiffer Dusters Starter Kit x4/30/11
Save $1.00/1 Swiffer Dust & Shine furniture spray x4/30/11
Buy a Swiffer WetJet Starter Kit, Get A Free Refill (up to $7.00) x4/30/11
Save $0.25/1 any size Dawn Ultra x4/30/11
Save $1.00/1 any size Dawn Hand Renewal with Olay Beauty x4/30/11
Save $0.50/1 any size Cascade ActionPacs x4/30/11
Save $0.50/1 any size Cascade Complete All-In-1 Pacs x4/30/11
Save $0.50/1 any size Cascade Rinse Aid x4/30/11
Save $0.75/1 any size Mr. Clean Bath Cleaning Product x4/30/11
Save $0.75/1 any size Mr. Clean Multi-surface Spray x4/30/11
Save $0.75/1 any size Mr. Clean Multi-surface Cleaner x4/30/11
Save $0.75/1 any Mr.Clean Magic Eraser x4/30/11
Save $1.00/1 any Febreze Air Effects x4/30/11
Save $1.00/1 any Febreze Fabric Refresher x4/30/11
Save $1.00/1 any Febreze Set & Refresh x4/30/11
Save $1.00/1 any Febreze Noticeables Warmer, Dual Refill, or 2 Single Refills x4/30/11
Save $1.00/1 any Febreze Candle x4/30/11
Save $4.00/1 any Febreze Flameless Luminary Starter Kit x4/30/11
Save $2.00/1 any Febreze Woodwick Candles x4/30/11

Next are the coupons that I requested from different brinks links. For those of you who don't know, you can click on the help link at he bottom of the brinks print coupon pages and usually you can request for the coupon to be mailed your house. You can do this when you are out of ink, if the coupon doesn't print correctly, or if it's a hot coupon. :whistle67: Also you can trade these with confidence that it hasn't been copied or forged in any way. I got most of these because I am currently out of ink. I plan to have that fixed by Tuesday so that I can print all of the new coupons. Anyways, here are the one's I received:
Save $1.00/1 Purex Complete 3-in-1 Sheets (ex. 2 ct to go packs) x10/20/10
Save $3.00/1 any ROC product (ex. trial size) x9/24/10
Save $1.00/2 Nestle Juicy Juice 64 oz, 46 oz, or multi-pack products x9/24/10
Save $1.50/1 Blink Tears Lubricating Eye Drops x9/24/10
Save $2.00/2 Carnation Instant Breakfast Essentials powder or ready-to-drink products x9/25/10
Save $2.00/1 any Schick Quattro for Women Razor or Refill x9/30/10
Save $1.00/1 any Nature's Bounty Vitamin x9/29/10
Buy One, Get One Free (up to $3.99) any Lean Cuisine Market Creations Entrees x10/31/10

I know that's already a lot of coupon. Believe me, I typed them out! There's just a little bit more left, so please bare with me.

My free samples from Girls puberty - websites for teenage Girls - tampons, pads - girl problems - came in today. I got 2 Always Thin/Mince pantyliners, 1 Always Ultra Thin Long Super Flexi-wings pad, 1 Always Ultra Thin Regular Flexi-wings pad, 1 Tampax Pearl Lite tampon, 1 Tampax Pearl Regular tampon, 1 Tampax Compak Pearl tampon, a long with 2 coupons.
Save $2.00/1 any Tampax Pearl or Compak Pearl x6/30/11
Get 1 Free Always Ultra or Maxi up to 18 ct package x12/31/11

Those are some great coupons that came with the free samples. Even though I don't pay for feminine products anymore, I still like to get the free samples for the hot coupons.

Speaking of free samples, the Hugo Boss - Boss fragrance smells amazing! It's a little sample packette attached to the back of a postcard, though. I was hoping for the little tubes of liquid samples, but it's okay.

I don't remember where I found the link for this freebie, but I received a wonderful recipe book today. It's titled: Healthy Cooking with Stock Recipes for the Passionate and Conscious Chef First Edition. Not only does it have 50 recipes for a wide variety of dishes, but it includes the nutritional information as well.

The 100 free business cards from Zazzle arrived rather quickly. I think I only requested these about 4 days ago or so. My customized cards came with a 10% off you next order code to use on their site. I may be ordering more from them. I like how my cards turned out. Everything is correctly spelled and the colors are amazing. I choose the Cheery Blossom Tree design. The card colors are cream, and pink; and the text is like a maroon color. I had the code for the free shipping , so these were completely free! And they couldn't have come at a better time, I had just ran out of my black and white trader information cards about a week ago.

My rewards from finally came in, too! I haven't tried to get any gift cards from Swagbucks yet, just because I don't really shop online. But I did request a few sticker sheets. I got the Tinkerbell stickers and the classic metallic stars stickers. The Tinkerbell ones I plan on using for surprises in different trades; and the star ones I use to keep track of my different store cards.

I did another trade for 8 baseball card protector sheets with 9 pockets per sheet. I ran out of these when I was sorting my coupons into my binders so I did a quick trade for a few more. Now hopefully I can finally finish organizing them!

I got 3 magazines this week. 2 are from traveling to Fort Lauderdale, Fl, and the other is from B.A. Mason shoes.

Last I received a coupon for 20% off one single item from Bed, Bath, & Beyond.

I took a few pix of everything so ya'll can see it all.

So that's it for this edition of "WHAT I GOT IN THE MAIL THIS WEEK"!

Now I'm off to organize!

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Complete List of Store Policies

Here is my best attempt at rounding up all of the store policies!

This post is still a work in progress due to the large amount of information I need to collect to thoroughly explain each stores coupon usage, return, price adjustment, and price matching policies. Please feel free to leave a comment including which store's policies you would like to see added to the list.

Simply click on the store name to be directed to a post explaining the policy!

Dollar General Coupon Policy

Dollar Tree Coupon Policy - scroll down to the Coupon Acceptance Policy.