Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Walgreen Shopping Trip 3.7.11 - Spent: $10.38 -> Saved $43.70!

I know I don't post my shopping trips that often; or more like ever, but I'm ready and willing today! :) 

Last night I made a quick little trip to Walgreen. I really needed my ink refilled, but before I left, I just had to see if there was anything I needed/wanted. It's a good thing I checked!

I was able to pick up everything you see pictures plus my black ink refilled for a total of $10.38! (And that's cheaper than just an ink refill!)

My total savings? Well that would be $43.70!

So I original had two transaction, but after a great catalina printed for the PediaCare, I had to make two more :)!

Transaction #1) 1 Always dri-liners plus @ $2.99 w/ $2 Register Reward
2 Broadway Artificial Nails @ $2.24 each
Total: $7.47
-$1.00 Always coupon
-$2.00 Broadway Nails (x2)
What I paid: $2.94 w/ $2.00 Register Reward

Transaction #2) Ink Refill @ $12.99
2 PediaCare Infant Drops @ $5.99 each
1 No-nonsence knee highs @ $0.25
Total: $25.22
-$3.00 ink refill
-$2.00 PediaCare (x2)
-$10.00 PediaCare
-$2.00 Register Reward
What I paid: $6.86
(I received a catalina worth -$1.50 off any PediaCare, so I ran back & grabbed a few more)

Transaction #3) PediaCare Infant Drops @ $5.99
no-nonsence knee highs @ $0.25
Lip Smackers lipbalm @ $0.50
Total: $6.74
-$5.00 PediaCare
-$1.50 PediaCare
What I paid: $0.29 (And another PediaCare catalina printed for the PediaCare!)

Transaction #4) Same as Transaction #3
I paid $0.29 and received another catalina!

I'm planning on going back today to pick up more of the PediaCare and artificial nails.
So what do ya think?!