Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mailbox Treasures Entry - Date: Oct. 11th - 16th, 2010

For this week (and most likely the ones in the future as well) I decided to change the name of my "What I got in the Mail this Week" posts. I like the new name, I think it's "catchy" maybe? Anyways, ON TO THE TREASURE!

(1) Save $5.00 on 5 participating Kraft cheese or dairy products x11/10/10  - manufacturer - internet print
(2) Save $2.00 on any John Frieda Sheer Blonde shampoo, conditioner, or finsher x11/10/10 - manufacturer - internet print
(2) Buy One, Get One Free any Athenos Feta Cheese Product up to $6.30 x11/10/10 - manufacturer - internet print
(2) Save $1.00 on 1 Garnier Moisture Rescue moisturizer or cleanser x11/5/10 - manufacturer - internet print
(2) Save $1.00 on Perdue Fresh Whole Cornish Hens x11/6/10 - manufacturer - internet print
(4) Save $1.00 on any Axe hair shampoo and conditioner product x12/24/10 - manufacturer - internet print
(1) Free tub of Cottonelle Fresh flushable moist wipes *not to exceed $2.89 x12/31/10 - manufacturer - promotion offer
(1) $2.00 Off any one Always product (says: redeemable at Walgreens) x5/21/12 - MANUFACTURER - *apology letter for an out of stock product at Walgreens (I don't remember requesting this, but I was very excited to receive it!)

Free Samples
(1) Sample 2 pack of Emergen -C Planet 1000mg vitamin C dietary supplement Flavored Fizzy Drink Mix - Dragon Fruit Flavor
(1 each) Sample Size L'Oreal Paris EverPure moisture Shampoo & Conditioner
(1) Bausch + Lomb Biotrue multi-purpose solution 2 fl oz bottle - Costco sample offer
(1) Blue Star Flag from Grantham University

Rewards from Sites
(1) Giveaway Prize - Scandle Shimmering Body Candle "A candle never felt so good" *I request Autumn Spice scent and received Warm Vanilla Sugar - I'm planning on contacting the blog that I won it through to see if anything can be done because, frankly the scent makes me sick to my stomach. It's really over powering, I haven't even opened the candle tin in my apartment, but you can clearly smell it throughout the place. Also there wasn't a contact card in the package so I'm not quite sure who I should I talk to about this issue.*
(2) Swagbucks 
a: Halloween Black & Silver cat ears headband *I love this reward! They are so comfy and light, I can barely tell that I'm wearing them. No hurting or itching, just a well made, comfy, Halloween headband.*  
b: Halloween Pumpkin Skeleton wall hanging with movable limbs *We have this hanging up on the back of the closet door so when it's open and the blinds are up, the people outside can see it.*

Booklets & Pamphets
Amy's Delicious Natural & Organic Meals - Healthy Eating for Busy People
Amy's Delicious Light in Sodium Meals - Begin you journey to a healthier heart with Amy's Light in Sodium products
Amy's Delicious Gluten Free Meals - Remember Mac & Cheese, Pizza, and Enchiladias? Now you can enjoy your favorite cofort foods again with help from Amy's
Lundberg: Brown Rice - The other whole grain info pamphet
Lundberg: Our Commitment to Gluten -Free info pamphet
Lundberg: Amy's Kitchen & Lundberg Family Farms Gluten Free Recipe Ideas *included (1) $1.50 Off any Amy's pasta sause and (1) $1.00 Off any Lundberg Family Farms organic brown rice pasta. Both expire 12/31/10*

Magazine Roll Call
Lego Holiday catalog 2010 - includes an awesome offer for you to win you Lego wish list. I'll try to post more about the offer later
Family Circle October 1, 2010 Edition - includes a lot of awesome craft ideas and some of the ads are pretty cool too!
Amsterdam Fall 2010 Edition
Penzeys Spices Thanksgiving 2010 Edition
FLOR Fall 2010 Edition

Online Shopping Orders - total cost includes tax and shipping charges
Meritline - 2 pairs - 1 pack foam earbud headphone covers Total Cost: $0.29 *These go great with the Phillips earbud headphones that were on sale / free at CVS a few months back.*

Rebates & Other Money
(4) Snapple Rebates $3.99 each = $15.98

I think that's everything from this week. I love my Mailbox Treasure Chest, receiving all sorts of cool things to my inbox! It's so much fun to be surprised when I open it up and see it filled to the top.

Well let me know what ya'll think!