Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Bath & Beauty Scrub Research Form - Test Post

I've recently discovered that I may really enjoy soap making, or at least the beginners bath and beauty craft of it. So far I've made two different sugar scrubs, and I have pulled out all sorts of ingredients to start testing some recipes I've found online. I can't wait to make liquid soap, bath bombs, vapor rub, soap crayons, and so many other creations! 

So in order to help myself keep track of all the recipes I test, I've created tried to create a form! I have never used google forms before and I'm sure if I researched it I wouldn't have to do test posts, but what the hey! I'll learn by trial and error, it's oldschool yo! Yep, that just happened. :) 

Below is my first try at posting a form:

Yay!!! I did it; I have a form up!

I must admit, I did cheat . . . I used THIS LINK as a guide but it totally worked!