Saturday, September 25, 2010

What I Got in the Mail This Week: 9/20 - 9/25

I bring you another great addition of What I Got in the Mail This Week! I scored lots of freebies and a few great deals that arrived straight in my mailbox. Here we go!

The biggest thing I received this week was my case of PopCorners popped corn chips. I won these from a giveaway on Because Cheaper is Better blog. I receive 12 5oz bags, three bags of each of their four flavors (Sea Salt, Kettle, Butter, and White Cheddar) You can read more about the product, once I type out my review. : ) I was so happy when the office called, letting me know that they signed for a package for me and to pick it up asap. When I went down to pick it up, everyone in the office thought I had won a years supply of popcorn. LOL! Well long story short, everyone loves them! To be honest, we have open and/or gone through 7 bags already (and I just received this yesterday)!

Next up is the list of coupons that arrived through out the week.
(2) Save $1.00/1 any Dry Idea Product x10/13/10
(4) Save $0.50/1 any Skippy Peanut Butter Naturals Product (15 oz or larger) x10/30/10
(2) Save $1.00/1 package of Kraft Deli Deluxe/Fresh Sliced Cheese x10/14/10
Save $1.00/1 any Clorox Disinfecting Wipes Canister (any size) x10/15/10
Save $5.00/5 Kraft Cheese or Dairy Products x10/13/10
Save $2.00/1 any Degree Women Clinical Protection Anit-perspirant & Deodorant x10/13/10
Save $3.00/6 Weight Watchers Smart Ones Frozen Products x9/27/10
Save $1.00/1 any Degree Women Product x10/13/10
Save $0.75/1 any Shake n' Bake Product x10/13/10
Buy 1, Get 1 Free - Uncle Ben's Whole Grain White Rice (up to 2.29) x10/13/10
Save $2.00/1 pack any style Newport
Save $1.00/1 pack any style Newport
Free Meal Deal from Zaxby's - a local fast food restaurant
Netflix Offers - (4 cards) 1 Month Free Trial to Netflix  x10/31/10

On to the free samples . . .
Oxy Clinical skin care - .32 fl oz (9.5 mL) advanced face wash, .14 oz (4 g) clearing treatment, .18 oz (5 g) hydrating therapy, and a -$1.50/1 any Oxy Clinical Product x12/31/11 coupon!

(2) NasalCEASE for nosebleeds - two sterile packs of NasalCEASE to stop minor nosebleeds along with 6 $1.00/1 box of NasalCEASE x6/30/11

U by Kotex - one yellow regular tampon, one green regular pad, one green thin liner, and -$1.00/1 any U by Kotex Product x3/31/11

CareFRESH - CareFRESH Complete food for Rabbits and a Buy 1, Get 1 Free and CareFRESH Complete Small Pet Food (of same sizeof equal or lesser value product) x12/31/10

Downy - Ulra Downy Fabic Softener 1 load, -$2.50/1 any Ultra Downy April Fresh 60 loads bottle x12/31/10,  (3) -$1.50/1 any Ultra Downy April Fresh 60 loads bottle x12/31/10 (this was from vocalpoint)

Jiffy - Hospitality in a "Jiffy" Jiffy mixes new recipe book

peta2 - Tofu Makes Me So So Happy book, I really requested this for the "Hug A Vegetarian" stickers in the middle, I got 8 stickers of each of the 4 different patterns. (My favorite is the "I AM NOT A NUGGET!")

How about a magazine roll call. . . ?
The Danbury Mint - die cast replicas - Autumn 2010 Edition
Auditions Shoes - Late Fall 2010 Edition
Blair - Celebrating 100 years (includes free shipping code) - September 2010 Edition
Femail Creation - Gifts to Celebrate & Inspire - Holiday 2010 Edition
ReadyMade - Smart, Small, & Seriously Cool 25 projects to make the most of what you have - October/November 2010 Edition
Publix GreenWise Market - Fall 2010 Edition
Everyday with Rachael Ray - Halloween Special - October 2010 Edition

Now as if that wasn't enough, I placed some online orders and a few of them arrived this week:
Avon - Blooming Emery Boards $0.59
            Dreamy Eyeshadow Trio $1.99
            Soft Mint Perfect Wear extralasting powder eyeshadow $1.79
            2 catalog/brochure booklets
            Total including shipping & tax: $4.67

And I ordered some Dockers from JCPenny's but I don't have the invoice in front of me, I'll update with that and pix soon!

So, is that awesome or what? Please tell me what you think!