Sunday, January 15, 2012

More Saving Resources: Homeland Healthy Lifestyles In Store Coupon Ad

Be on the look at for the new Homeland in store coupon ad! This ad is titled: Healthy Lifestyles and can be found at the front of the store along with the weekly sale ad. The ad contains manufacturer coupons and a few articles over healthy living along with a recipe! Below I've listed the 13 coupons that can be found in the ad.

-75c/1 Dole Salad Blend or All Natural Salad Kit (excluding Classic Iceberg, Shreds, and non kit Coleslaws) DND5 x3/12/12

-$1.00/1 any Bayer Aspirin Product DND5 x4/30/12

-$1.00/3 cans any size/variety Pillsbury Refrigerated Grands! or Pillsbury Crescent Dinner Rolls DND5 x3/12/12

-$1.00/2 Planters Nut-rition Multi-Packs or Cans (8.75 oz - 10.25 oz) DND5 x3/12/12

-$1.00/2 Planters Naturals Creamy Peanut Butter 15 oz DND5 x3/12/12

Free Healthy Choice Canned Soup 15 oz when you buy any 4 Healthy Choice Complete Meals, Cafe Steamers, Steaming Entrees, All Natural Entrees or Select Entrees (max value $2.50) x3/12/12

-$1.00/2 Capri Sun 100% Juice 10 count DND5 x3/12/12

-50c/1 Kellogg's Special K Cereal (12 oz or larger, any flavor) DND5 x3/12/12

-$1.00/2 Kraft String Cheese or Twists 9 oz - 12 oz DND5 x3/12/12

-$1.00/2 Lipton Tea Products DND5 x3/12/12

-55c/4 Campbells Healthy Request Soups DND5 x3/12/12

-$1.00/1 Crisco Olive Oil DND5 x5/31/12

-55c/1 Ocean Spray 64 oz Grape Juice or Juice Drink DND5 x3/31/12

Each coupon does state: "Good at participating AWG food stores" and the ad itself states: "Offers Good Only At This Location. Limited Time Offer.".

I also want to share that even though the coupons are DND5, my mileage did not vary and the coupons did not double. I believe this is do to the source of the coupon and new coupon coding, because my other DND5 coupons from a different source doubled in the same transaction.

Please note that you should never expect the "extra discount" of a DND5 coupon, this is simply a nice bonus if the coupon happens to double.

What's in Your Paper? 1/15/12

Here are the coupons that can be expected in today's Sunday newspaper. These coupons are the specific coupons found in The Oklahoman. Regional coupons and value differences are to be expected.

Today there was one Smartsource insert. It's a big one though!

1/15/12 SS 
-$1.00/1 New York Brand Garlic Knots x3/31/12
-40c/1 New York Brand Frozen Product x3/31/12
-75c/1 Farm Rich Product x3/15/12
-$1.00/1 Post Shredded Wheat Cereal x2/26/12
-$1.00/1 Post Grape Nuts or Grape Nuts Flakes Cereal x2/26/12
-75c/1 Tabasco Brand Buffalo Style Hot Sauce x2/29/12
-30c/3 Campbells Condensed Great for Cooking Soups x3/15/12
-$4.00/1 Brita Pitcher or Faucet Mount System x3/31/12
-$55c/1 Butterball Turkey Bacon, Turkey Breakfast Sausage, Regular or Deepfried Lunchmeat, Turkey Burgers, Turkey Franks, Turkey Dinner Sausage, or Chicken Strips x2/26/12
-55c/2 Kraft Cheeses: Shreds, Slices, Block, Singles, Grate Parmesan, Fresh Take x2/15/12
-$1.00/1 Ground Starbucks Coffee (11 oz or larger ) x2/18/12
-$2.00/1 Goodnites Underwear (jumbo pack or larger) x2/11/12
-$2.00/1 Huggies Little Movers Slip On Diapers x2/11/12
-$1.00/1 Huggies Diapers x2/11/12
-50c/1 Huggies Baby Wipes (64 ct or larger) x2/11/12
-$1.00 off 1 gallon or 2 half gallons of Borden Milk and 1 gallon or half gallon of Trumoo Chocolate Milk x2/12/12
-$1.00/2 Digiorno Larger Pizzas x1/28/12
-$1.00/1 Jergens Moisturizer (4 oz or larger) x3/3/12
-$1.00/1 Wisk Laundry Detergent (45 oz or larger) x2/26/12
-50c/1 Jolly Time Microwave Popcorn x2/29/12
-$1.00/2 boxs of Welch's Fruit Snacks or Fruit n Yogurt Snacks (8 ct, 10 ct, 22 ct, or 44 ct boxes) x3/7/12
-$5.00/1 Purina One Brand Beyond Dry Dog Food, any size, any variety x2/15/12
-$2.00/1 Pull Ups Training Pants (jumbo pack or larger) x2/11/12
-$1.00/1 Colgate Total Advanced, Optic White, or Sensitive Pro-Relief Toothpaste (4 oz or larger) x2/4/12
-$1.50/2 Kotex Natural Balance Pads x2/25/12
-$1.00/2 Kotex Natural Balance Liners (33 ct or larger) x2/25/12
-$1.00/2 Kotex Natural Balance Tampons x2/25/12
-$1.00/1 U by Kotex Product x2/25/12
-$1.00/2 NatuRelief Product x7/31/12
-$1.00/1 MidNite, MidNite PM, or MidNite for Menopause x7/31/12
-$1.00/6 or more rolls of Viva Paper Towels x2/26/12
-50c/2 Cottonelle Toilet Paper 4 packs or 1 twelve pack or larger x2/12/12
-50c/2 Cottonelle Flushable Moist Wipes (not valid on trial size) x2/12/12
-$2.00/1 Tylenol Cold Liquid Products x3/31/12
-75c/1 Dole Fruit Crisp x3/31/12
-$1.00/2 Ziploc Brand Bags x2/25/12
-$1.00/2 Ziploc Brand Containers x2/25/12
-$1.50 any Glade Plugins Scented Oil Twin Refills or 2 Single Refills x2/11/12
-$3.00/1 Glade Plugins Scented Oil Lasting Impressions Holder x2/11/12
-75c/1 Glade Decor Scents holder or refill pack x2/11/12
-$3.00/1 Glade Sense & Spray Starter Kit x2/11/12
-$1.00/2 Glade 4 oz Jar or Scented Oil Products x2/11/12
--$1.00/2 Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Cleansers or Fantastik All Purpose Cleaners x2/25/12
-$1.00/2 Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Products x2/25/12
-$1.00/2 Windex Products x2/25/12
-55c/1 any Shout Product x2/25/12
-$1.00/2 Pledge Furniture Care Products x2/25/12
-$1.00/1 Depends Product x2/25/12
-$1.50/1 Depends Underwear in a Variety of Colors x2/25/12
-$1.00/1 Depends Guard for Men x2/25/12
-50c/2 Ortega Products x3/31/12
-55c/1 Skinimates Shave Gels (excludes 2.75 oz) x2/26/12
-$2.00/1 Natures Way Alive Multi-Vitamin Product x4/30/12
-$3.00/2 Schick Quattro Titanium Disposable Razors x2/25/12
-$1.00/1 Schick Quattro Titanium Disposable Razor x2/25/12
-55c/1 Edge Shave Gel 7 oz or larger x2/26/12
-$2.00/1 Schick Intuition Razor or Refill x2/26/12
-$2.00/1 Schick Quattro Women Razor or Refill x2/26/12
-55c/2 Hormel Chili x3/15/12
-$1.00/2 Hormel Pepperonis x3/15/12
-$1.00/1 Lloyd's Barbeque Product x3/15/12
-$3.00/1 Lysol No Touch Kitchen System Starter Kit x3/13/12
-$1.00/1 Dannon Activia or Stonyfield Activia 4 pack x2/11/12
-$1.00/2 Revlon ColorSilk Products x2/15/12

What regional coupons did you receive today? Leave your answer in the comment section!