Monday, April 25, 2011

How was Your Easter Sunday?

So I hope really everyone had a wonderful Easter Sunday!

I was able to spend the beginning of my day with my DH, his mother, his aunt, and his grandmother. We had a lovely brunch at his aunt house; which included estrada, bacon, penne shrimp alfredo, fruit salad, cinnamon rolls, and (my favorite) an Easter Bunny cake!

I had never tried estrada before, and personally found it very strange. I really loved the flavor, however, the texture is not one I liked very much. Maybe I'll have to recreate it to my liking. :) I mainly ate the penne shrimp alfredo, because it was delicious! Thank you Momma Brady and Matthew for making it for me, I really loved it! I enjoyed the bacon and the fruit salad, too. I didn't try the cinnamon rolls, but they smelled really good. And now the Easter bunny cake created by my DH's aunt! I loved it! My mother used to make cakes like that for me and my sisters when we were young; and I loved having that little trip down memory lane this year seeing as I wasn't able to celebrate it with my family. Thank you Aunt Patty for the cake, it was wonderful! Also I wasn't able to get a picture of the whole bunny cake before it was disambelled and devoured. :) But I do have a picture of the round bunny head! I'll update this post later with the pictures.

My DH's mother and aunt also put together a cute Easter bucket for us this year. It was filled with jelly beans, yellow and purple peeps, two chocolate bunnies, two sweettart candy dispensers, and Disney's movie: Tangled! I didn't get a picture of the bucket, but I was able to use those items to fill up the two empty basket that I had at home. :) So now we each have our own basket filled with candy and all of our other goodies.

Today we also celebrated my mother-in-laws birthday. I forgot to pick up a card for her, but luckily I didn't forget her present. I had added some of the Easter candy to her gift, instead of getting her a gift and an Easter basket. She didn't mind. :) I hope she had a good birthday, and I wish that we could have stayed and celebrated longer with her. But unfurtunately, DH had to work at 5:00 pm today, so we had to leave early. But tomorrow we are planning on visiting them again, and maybe dying the eggs that we didn't do today.

 .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .

So how was your Easter Sunday?