Saturday, September 4, 2010

Product Review: Carmex Moisture Plus Lip Balm

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Howdy! Today I'm going to do my very first review over a product that I have never tried before.

Today's review is over one of the free after Register Rewards products at Walgreens this week. I tried the Carmex Moisture Plus ultra hydrating lip balm, the sheer peach tint, today before I went out on my errands. The package states that it has vitamin e, shea butter, and aloe for moisturizing protection, sunscreen/SPF 15, and a slanted tip. Also I would like to point out on the back of the package it states: "Tested on family members - never on animals!". I gave it a few points for that, and also for the different colors that it comes in. I do like the fact that it was easy to apply, even though I used a mirror, one could easily apply this without a mirror. When I first opened the actual product, I was concerned about how dark the color appeared. It's more of a dark coral hue than what I was expecting. I was also afraid that once I put it on, that it would look more orange than peach. I decided to try it anyway, and my over all opinion about this product is that it's nice, but not great. I didn't like the color at first. I thought it was rather dark with my skin tone (which is like ultra pale). But I would say that the color grows on you. Or at least it did for me. It felt very silky and soft on my lips. I could kind of feel it moisturizing my lips. Not too thick, and too thin; not too heavy. It is sticky like lip gloss, but it's tinted lip balm so I figured it would be sticky. It does smell a little bit like the original carmex in the little pots, but it's not over powering or very noticeable after a while. This lip balm isn't flavored, but it tastes okay. I would like to mention that I took it with me on my errands, and the lip balm began to melt after about 15 minutes in the truck. By the time I got home, it was mostly a cylinder shaped glob of messiness. The product does stay on for a little bit, but I had to reapply it 4 times in a 3 and a half hour time span. I really like that it seems to even out the color tone of your lips, without you having to apply more to one side, then the other, then the first side again, then the middle (know what I mean?!). I was really surprised to find out that this product doesn't stain based on my experience; or it may slightly stain I guess I should say. You can also see the "sheer" in the product.

This is a stay-at-home product for me. I won't be packing this one in my purse, just in case it melts. I hate cleaning sticky, goopy lip stuff off of other make up cases or mini mirrors.

Since it melted, it no longer stays in the tube and will soon be suck to the inside of the cap. Which is a bummer because, as I mentioned, I just opened it today! *sighs* I might pick this up as a stocking stuffer for my family and friends but only if I was paying less than 1/3 of the retail price and if I had room to store it until the holidays.

Hope this was helpful. Please comment so that I have some idea of how I am doing.

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