Saturday, October 23, 2010

Save the Parade Magazine from this Sunday's Paper - Possibly 2 coupons inside!

The first coupon is for a FREE doublicious with the purchase of a 30 fl oz drink at regular menu price from KFC! (This may be regional, unknown status for now.) The second coupon is a $2.00 off and One Covergirl & Olay Simple Ageless Product. 

I will update tomorrow with what I received my the Parade Magazine for the Gainesville, FL area, along with more details on all the coupons from this Sunday's paper.

Free by Mail: Skin MD Product Samples

Skin MD

Skin MD
While I was entering a few last minute giveaways, I spotted this free sample offer on one of the sponser sites. This freebie is from Skin MD Natural. Follow these steps to request 2 sample packets [containing 3 - 5 uses per packet] of your choice of skin care product!

Send a self addressed, stamped ($0.44 or higher value stamp) envelope to:
21st Century Formulations
9663 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 860
Beverly Hill, Ca 90210

Title the envelope/address with one of the following (which sample would you like?):
- Skin MD Natural Sample Offer
request this to receive the original formula of Skin MD Natural
-Skin MD +SPF 15 Sample Offer
request this to receive the Skin MD+ SPF 15 formula
-Skin MD Natural Combined Sample Offer
request this to receive one of each of the previous samples

This "free by mail" offer is for U.S. residents only.  And yo read about the offer on thier site, simply click HERE.

Freebies and Much More Blog Giveaway Alert: Skin MD Natural Sheilding Lotion+ Sunscreen SPF 15 - LAST MINUTE ENTRY

Freebies and Much More Blog is hosting THIS GIVEAWAY for one lucky winner to receive a full sized bottle of Sheilding Lotion + Sunscreen SPF 15 from Skin MD. This giveaway ends soon (at 11:59 PM EST TONIGHT to be exact!)

*I'm late! I'm late! For a very important date! I'm late! I'm late! I'm late!*

I would absolutely love to win this giveaway because I, too, live in Florida and know all too well about the sunburns.
I'm terribly sorry about the short post, but Freebies and Much More has another giveaway ending tonight that I was hoping on entering in before it's too late. *"Don't Procrastinate Kids", it's so not worth the headache of trying to get it all done in 30 minutes!*

Free by Mail: Dove Deodorant Sample For Costco Members


If you are a Costco Member, you can request a free sample of Dove go fresh deodorant HERE. Click that link, scroll down, then click the >Get Sample button. Fill out the form and your sample will be on it's way!

Recipe & Coupon Booklet Alert: Deliciously Simple Holiday Recipes @ Albertsons Locations

Keep your eye out for a recipe booklest near the baking section of your local Albertson's. The cover reads: deliciously simple holiday recipes (at the top) Save $4.75 now Plus 12 great recipes inside! (at the bottom) and has the brands: Kraft Jell-O, Kraft Philadelphia, Kraft Baker's, Kraft Nilla Wafers, Dole, Ziploc logos at the bottom of the cover as well.

The recipes inside sound so good. These recipes are as follows.

1. chocolate mousse torte
2. caramel apple dessert
3. easy OREO truffles
4. cranberry-pineapple minis
5. spiced pumpkin cheesecake
6. cranberry-pear crumble pie
7. red velvet cupcakes
8. chocolate-raspberry thumbprints
9. snowball cake
10. eggnog eclai dessert
11. white chocolate-raspberry trifle cake
12. drummer boy cake

The back cover has 4 different coupons and those are as follows. (all are manufacturer coupons and expire 3/31/11)

(1) Save $1.25 on any THREE (3) participating KRAFT Dessert Brands:
-Baker's Bar Products
-Jell-O Brand Pudding or Gelatin
-Nilla Wafers, or
-Philadelphia Cream Cheese

(1) Save $1.50 on any TWO (2) ZIPLOC Brand Holiday Containers

(1) Save $1.00 on any TWO (2) ZIPLOC Brand Holiday Bags

(1) Save $1.00 on any THREE (3) DOLE Canned Fruits

I was really excited to see these at my local Albertsons mainly because my store NEVER has any of the tear pads or blinkies that other Albertsons have. I grabbed a few for us because I would love to stock up on these products for the Holidays. I'll try to post a picture of the cover for ya'll as soon as possible.

Mailbox Treasures Entry - Date: Oct. 18th - 23rd, 2010

Yep, It be that time of the week again. Time for me to post me Mailbox Treasure!

(1) Save $1.00 on any STP Product x11/13/10 - manufacturer - internet print
(1) Save $3.00 off Two Multi-Packs of Any Ensure Product x1/16/11 - manufacturer - formal letter stating I called them reguarding the Ensure brand *I didn't make any calls but this coupon is cool to receive.*
(1) Get 1 Pringles Xtreme 181g can FREE (up to $2.00 value) x11/30/10 - manufacturer - Facebook offer that was soon being posted as a scam *appearently not because I received the coupon, yesterday!*
(1) One FREE Advil Tablets 24 ct or LIQUI-GELS 20 ct x1/31/11 - manufacturer - This was from some limited time offer, I believe
(1) -$3.00 off any ONE Olay Facial Moisturizer x9/30/11 - manufacturer - homemailer maybe?
(1) -$5.00 off any ONE full size Pro -X Product x9-30-11 - manufacturer - homemailer maybe?
(2) -$1.00 off ONE Pack any style Newport Cigarettes x3/31/11

Free Samples With & Without Coupons
(1) Garnier Moisture Rescue Refreshing Gel-Cream with a Save $1.00 on any Garnier Moisturizer or Cleanser x11/5/10 - manufacturer - not a big sample, arrived on a post card
(1) Jergens Ultra Healing extra dry skin moisturizer *for the day*, & Jergens Overnight Repair nightly restoring moisturizer *for the night : )* with a -$1.00 off Any Jergens Moistizer x3/31/11 - manufactuer - this sample it the little packages, one time use size
(1) Sleep Pretty in Pink Women's Ear Plugs (1 pair) with a -$0.50 off Sleep Pretty in Pink 7 pair & FREE Case coupon x4/30/11 - manufacturer - Has instructions on back of package, arrived in a big envelope compared to what's inside, has little bit of  information about how to win $5,000.00 (see for more details), also I requested this freebie a while ago and totally forgot about it
(2) Cold-EEZE Cold Remedy 2 lozenges per pack - I received 2 different flavors, Cherry and Mint Floss; Facebook offer I think
(1) Nicorette Gum 20 pc, 2mg EACH: for those who smoke less than 25 cigarettes a day - Costco sample, wow 20 pieces, what a sample!
(1) Grow Your Own! The Veria Healing Starter Kit (includes peppermint, rosemary, and sweet basil seeds) - I can't remember where I signed up for this, but now I have something to place out on our balcony
(1) Crest Pro-Health FOE ME toothpaste - net wt 0.85 oz small tube, requested from to reveiw (I plan on using this next week and writing my review next Sunday comparing it to the toothpaste I'm currently using.)
(1) Post-it Super Sticky Notes (11 super sticky notes and 1 regular post it note to be exact) - For Post-it Perks! Members, you can sign up for free membership at
(1) Gucci Guilty Fragrance Sample - small wet cloth, one time use, I really like this scent!
(1) LED UFO shaped Flash Light Keyring - I love this freebie! I really should have requested one from my MIL's addy for an extra Holiday stocking stuffer. This light seems very durable and realible; also received a discount code for their products and a lifetime gaurantee for the keyring!

Rewards From Sites
a: Red Halloween Devil Horns Headband - I love these, they are pretty much the same as the cat ears that arrived last week, light and comfy and well made.
b: Super Glue net wt 0.10 oz - small tube with screw on lid, this has already been used to fix my new coupon binder's pencil case, it works like super glue should!
(2) Giveaway Prizes
a: 4 different packs of ROHTO eye drops from Laughing Lindsay's Blog - I'm so happy I won that giveaway! We get dry, itchy, red eyes a lot around here and this saves us some money.
b: 1 Candy Corn scent net wt 8 oz Soy Candle from The Soy Box Company through one of the many blogs I follow (please forgive me for not remembering, 70 blogs is a lot of blogs to keep straight : ) - I LOVE this candle, I was so excited when I opened the box and realized what it was! The scent is amazing as well as the design. Yes it's white, orange, and yellow with an orange candy corn print ribbon ties around the neck of the jar. It's jsut so adorable. I'll do a full review closer towards Halloween, that's when I'm waiting to burn it.

Books, Pamphets, Flyers, Etc.
(1)  Book: Steps To Chirst by Ellen G. White
(1) Flyer: Upromis $500 Holiday Giveaway - you can go to to learn more about this giveaway - It does end on October 31, 2010 so don't wait to see what it's all about!

Magazine Roll Call
Family Circle - October 17th, 2010 issue - this issues has a few interesting articles inside (i.e. page 24)
Jet  - November 1 - 8, 2010 issue
Spin - November 2010 Edition
Helzherg Diamonds
Calvert School 2010/11 Homeschooling Catalog
Oriental Trading Company Chirstmas 2010 Catalog
American Values Gainesville Editon Oct. - Dec. Edition - it's full of local deals and coupons to a lot of different restaurants

I'll post pictures as soon as I can get my camera some new batteries to suck all the juice out of. :)

Please leave a comment with your thoughts on all my Mailbox Treasures!

Top 5 Deals This Week: Walgreens 10/24 - 10/30 (I'm SO Sorry for the long post)

Here are the Top 5 Deals that I've found at Walgreens for the week of 10/24 - 10/30.
Thanks goes out to Coupons Are GREAT for the original information!

#1} Contac Cold + Flu (28 ct.), $6, Receive $6 Register Reward
     - $2/1 Printable or (10/10 RP) *printable notes: must register with site, must be 18 or older*
     Final Cost: $4.00 + tax out of pocket; $6.00 Register Reward Received
     - Was paid about $2.00.

#2} Colgate Sensitive Toothpaste (6 oz.), $3.49, Receive $3.50 Register Reward
     - $1/1 (10/10 SS)
     Final Cost:  $2.50 + tax out of pocket; $3.50 Register Reward Received
     - Was paid about $1.00.

#3} Children’s Mucinex Syrup (4 oz.), $6.99, Receive Try Me Free Rebate *Prints at Register*
     Final Cost: $6.99 + tax out of pocket; submit rebate for approx. $7.00
     - Paid tax -> Completely Free

#4} Chestal Adult Cough Syrup (8.45 oz.), $6, Receive Try Me Free Rebate *Prints at Register*
     Final Cost: $6.00 + tax out of pocket; submit rebate for approx. $6.00
     - Paid tax -> Completely Free

#5} Pill Glide Swallowing Spray (1 oz.), $5.99, Receive Try Me Free Rebate *Prints at Register*
     Final Cost: $5.99 + tax out of pocket; submit rebate for approx. $6.00
     - Paid tax -> Completely Free

Think those deals are great? How about we put them in order to keep our final out of pocket total under $20.00? 
*Note: Ask the cashier before you try to do multiple transactions, some store will only allow one transaction per customer.* [RR = Register Reward - considered manufacturer coupons that will print with your reciept after you purchase certain item(s) in the store]

  Try this scenario when you go shopping next week to stay under $20.00:

- Follow #2. You should pay $2.50 + tax and receive a RR for $3.50 
  Congratulations, You just made $1.00!

- Follow #1 BUT also find a cheap filler item for $0.50 (Can be cheaper, I just used this as an average filler price.) Use the $3.50 RR you received earlier. You should pay $1.00 + tax and receive a RR for $6.00
  Congratulations, You've just made $5.00!

  Here you can follow either #3, #4, or #5 depending upon which way you want to spend the $6.00 RR.
  You can decide on which products you want for free or to make approx. $6.00 on.
  We'll continue with transactions #3, then #4, and finally #5.

- Follow #3 BUT find another filler item for $0.50 and use the $6.00 RR you received earlier. You should pay $1.50 + tax and receive a Mail - In - Rebate worth approx. $7.00
  Once you've sent and  received the Mail - In - Rebate, you made $5.50, Congratulations!

- Follow #4. You should pay $6.00 + tax and receive a Mail - In - Rebate worth approx. $6.00
  Once you've sent and received the Mail - In - Rebate, you have picked up a FREE Product!

-Follow #5. You should pay $5.99 + tax and receive a Mail - In - Rebate worth approx. $6.00
  Once you've sent and received the Mail - In - Rebate, you have picked up a FREE Product!

I would like to point out that by putting these transactions in order we saved approximately $8.50 more than if we had just bought them according to the first list. This shows that by planning your trips, you can save even more money instantly at the register!

*If you don't put these transaction in the described order, you'll end up paying approx. $25.50 at the register, with an approximate total of $28.50 received after RR's and reabates. If you put them in order you pay approx. $17.00 at the register, with an approximate total of $19.00 received after rebates.* 

I hope that was easy for ya'll to follow, if not just leave a comment and I'll try to explain better. So that's the Top 5 Deals for Walgreens. I really hope this helps some of ya'll save money!

*Complete Post Notes: I do not have a current store ad to verify these deals, However,  I trust Coupons Are GREAT blog that these deals are to be valid on said dates. Also I do not personally shop at Walgreen due to numerous problems I've had at multiple store locations. However, based on my knowledge of how to shop at Walgreen, you should not have any issues buying according to these scenarios.*

Free Online Shopping Credit: $5.00 Credit to Modnique Online

Have you heard? You can get $5.00 of credit to just by signing up! [This offer won't last long, I don't know the expiration date off hand but I think you only have a few days left to claim your free credit. Also that's my referral link by the way ; ) ] Then after you sign up, go check out the sales. There are all sorts of things you can buy on this site. Today you can save up to 60% on Kidorable products. What does that mean for you? It means you can get a cheap Kidorable Product today! They do have a few $5.00 items, but you will have to pay shipping. Here are some of the Kidorable products you could score!

Price with Sale: $6.00
Credit: $5.00
Your Price: $1.00 + shipping charges

Price with Sale: $5.00
Credit: $5.00
Your Price: Only Shipping Charges!

Keep in mind these sales do expire (not for a few days, but they DO expire) and you don't have to use your credit right away. I'm saving mine for something specail for me or my DH.

Free to Download: For The Love of Goat Cheese

CLICK THIS LINK to automatically download the free Ebook: For The Love of Goat Cheese. This is a 32 page Ebook containing 15 recipes for Chavrie brand goat cheese. It opens in another window or just right click the link to select to open it in a new tab. (For those who don't want to turn off the pop up blocker.)

Giveaway Alert: Freebies And Much More Blog - Lip Clear Lysine+, Canker Cover, and OraMoist Products

I love Freebies And Much More's new giveaway that was posted just today! It's perfect for my family here in Florida and back in Oklahoma. You can read all about the Lip Clear Lysine+, Canker Cover, and OraMoist Review & Giveaway by clicking that link. When you are through reading, why not enter to win? You might just win!

A few notes about the products and giveaway:
Lip Clear Lysine+ is to be used on cold sores.
Canker Cover is for canker sores. : )
OraMoist is to treat dry mouth.

Givaway rules are: 1 grand prize winner will receive all three products (as in the image below) and you must complete the mandatory entry before completeing the extra/bonus entries. There is a total of 17 entries per person, including the mandatory entry. (Blogging about the giveaway is worth 5 extra entries!) Giveaway ends at 11:59 PM EST on November 6th, 2010. It's open to U.S. residents 18 years and older only; no P.O. boxes.
Quantum Health Products
(From Freebies And Much More Blog)

Thanks Freebies And Much More for hosting such a great giveaway!

Snail Mail & Printable Coupon: Buy 2 Cesar Canine Cuisines Get 1 Cesar Bistro Entree Free

Pet Lovers, here's a coupon for you! Click THIS LINK to print a coupon for Buy 2 Cesar Canine Cuisines, Get 1 Ceasr Bistro Entree Free. It's a brink link so I'm not sure if it'll work, But you can have it mailed to you by clicking the "Help" link at the bottom if the page and filling out the form.

Snail Mail & Printable Coupon: -$1.00 Any State Fair Product

Currently you can print this HOT -$1.00 off Any State Fair Product coupon! Click the link, then select the first offer on the page. It should open into a brinks linked coupon which means you can print it twice! Also you can click the "Help" link at the bottom of the page to have it mailed to you. *Note: Coupon expires 30 days from print.*

Printable Coupon: 2 Peir One Coupons

Here are two coupons you may want with you while you're shopping at Peir One. They are both on the same page so it's just one simple CLICK HERE to print them! The first is a -$10.00 off a $30.00 Purchase coupon; and the second is a Free Reuseable Bag ($4.00 or less) With Any $25.00 Purchase. Both coupons expire November 7, 2010 and have limits that you should read carefully (i.e. These cannot be used together on the same purchase.)

Snail Mail & Printable Coupon: Buy 1 Stretch Island Fruit Strips or Rolls Get 1 FREE

Hurry to print THIS coupon, there's a limit of 25,000 prints! This coupon is from the Stretch Island Co. and is HOT.! It's a Buy One, Get One FREE of Original Fruit Strips or Fuitabu Smoooshed Fruit Rolls (4oz or larger) up to $3.99 value.

*Note: I have not printed this coupon and do not know if the link will work. BUT you can have this coupon snail mailed to you by clicking on the "Help" link at the bottom of the page*

Thanks Coupon Pro

Parent Alert Update: Cheap -> FREE Similac Formula

Earlier I posted about a way for you to score some Inexpensive Similac Formula. Well scratch that because here is a way of scoring FREE Similac Formula. Follow all of the printing steps from the first post then come back here to continue reading. . .

Alright Then.

Now that you have your coupon(s), you need to think about your closest Babies R Us store. Yep, over at Babies R Us you can grab the  On - The - Go Nipple Ready Similac Ready to Feed for the LOW price of $2.49 each! Use the coupon with the sale and you just snagged some FREE baby formula. I love to pick up these free baby products and donate them around the Holidays!

Thanks Rockin Deals!

Printable Coupon: Bath & Body Works Free Sign. Collection Item WYS $10.00

If you are going out to Bath & Body Works before the 31th, you might want to take THIS coupon with you. You can score a Free Signature Collection Body Care product With Any $10.00 Purchase (up to a $12 value)! States: Limit one offer per customer, offer valid through October 31, 2010. Once you click on the link, the coupon might automatically try to print. *It did on my computer, but I don't have my printer hooked up so it couldn't print.*

Restaurant Coupon: A&W -$1.00 Any Combo

Heading out to A&W before the end of the year? If you are then here is a coupon for you! Click HERE to print a -$1.00 off Any Combo (including fries and a regular drink). States: Offer expires 12/31/10, valid only at participating location, limit one offer per coupon, not valid with any other coupon or discount, and sales tax not included. Also you can sign up to join their A&W Mug Club to receive special offers HERE.

Restaurant Coupon: Denny's Buy 1 Get 1 Free Smoothie

If you are thinking of dining at Denny's soon, you might want to take this coupon with you. Click HERE to print a Buy One Minute Maid Smoothie, Get One Free coupon. This coupon is valid through 10/31/10.

Printable Coupon: -$1.00 Cream of Wheat Cinnabon Instant Hot Cereal

There was a -$2.00 coupon for this product a while back that is no longer available. It has been replaced with this -$1.00 on One Cream of Wheat Cinnabon Instant Hot Cereal printable coupon. It's at the bottom of the page in a big button, click it to print it. It's a SmartSource coupon and expires apporimately 60 days after printed.

Printable Coupon: 50% off Old Navy Outwear


The Holidays are just around the corner and the need for new winter clothes is upon most of us, wether it be you, your children, or your neighboor. Well, Old Navy is here to help. Right now you can print this coupon for 50% off any on piece of outwear clothing from Old Navy via Click HERE to "like" them, then click the "Fans Only" tab, and you will be able to print the coupon! This coupon is valid for 10/26 - 10/28 only, not combinable with any other offer, and only one per customer.

Parent Alert: Cheap Similac Formula

Right now you may be able to pick up some cheap Similac Formula at a WalMart or Target near you! First you will need to print the -$3.00 on any Similac Infant Formula coupon from and/or from the Similac website. Now you are ready to get your score on! You can go to your local WalMart or Target and start searching for the Similac Formula that matches the description on the coupons. Your local WalMart and Target may have it on their shelves for around $3.86. Use the coupons, and you only pay $0.86!

(Notes: You can have the website link coupon snail mailed to you if you don't have a working printer.)

Free by Mail: Curel Sample

ShopText is offering a free sample of Curel Sensitive Skin Remedy Lotion! How do you get this freebie? Well grab your cell phone and text CUREL to 467467. You will have to reply back with your name and email address. Also this offer is while supplies last.

(Standard texted messaging rates DO apply.)

Free by Mail: 2011 Oriental Trading Company Calendar

Need a calendar for next year? Well here's a FREE Calendar for you! Simply click the link, fill out the form, and you should receive your calendar in a week or two.

Up And Running - YAY!

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I haven't been posting anything "recently" because both my laptop and PC were really messed up for a long time. But good news, I found someone to fix both computer. Oh how I love!  Thanks to Ronnie, a wonderful person from the Dignity Project, my PC is working again! Soon I will take my laptop to be fixed by him and then I won't have any excuses as to why I'm not posting daily. So stay tuned for all sorts of cool offers to come!

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