Sunday, January 16, 2011

Free to Download: - Free MP3 Music Download Every Weekday in January!

I love downloading FREE music!
It helps open my mind up to other gernes of music that I usually wouldn't listen to. : )

Well, this Free Music Dowload is from GoHastings is offering a free MP3 music download every weekday in January! Today's MP3 download is title: Busy Being Born, artist: Middle Class Rut.

To download this MP3, you must right click the button then select the "Save target as" option from the menu. Personally, I recommend creating a desktop folder to store 'non media player' music downloads.

Usually I wouldn't search for this song via, but I will download the free song and add it to my "Cleaning" playlist. Then once a week, on cleaning day : ), I'll listen to all of the downloads and rate them. {By the way, I just listened to this song and I like, it's cool.}

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