Sunday, February 3, 2013

I'm Almost Back!

Hello Readers,

I am super sorry for just dropping of the face of the planet. As I tried to post last, all of my computers thought it was Y2K and decided to rebel. Yes, all three laptops and one PC managed to rebel and win the battle. But not the war. Thanks to my FIL we now have a working computer and thanks to my mother and MIL we also have internet! (Thanks you guys!) I still have a lot of catching up to do so there still won't be as many posts as there were (like a year ago).

Also I was pondering the thought of simply creating a "new" blog as my interests have expanded. I was hoping to have the new blog up by ummmm two days ago, but see as that didn't happen I have re-planned to have it up (if I decide to make it) no later than the end of next week.

What's New With Me: Well it's been almost a full year since I've blogged (gosh, hope I'm not rusty!) and boy have I missed it! I can't recall the times I saw a deal, a sale, a freebie, something and wanted to blog about it. I even tried to blog using my cell phone but that didn't work as discovered in my Y2K post. So since those blogging days, my fiance and I have "moved" back to Oklahoma. I typed "moved" as such because we didn't plan on staying here for as long as we have, nor is staying here in future plans. Last discussed we planned to gather all of our belongings from Florida, Arizona and Oklahoma, downsize everything we own, move to a new town to discover life on our own. Now this may be a little tricky as we also have chosen our wedding date! YAY!!! Super excited about that; may have to be a whole separate post. :) I am not wanting to get married in Oklahoma, so we have to be out of this state before the Fall of 2014. We somewhat chose a town to move to but we still aren't 100% sure that it's where we want to be so more details of this will be revealed in later posts (possibly on the "new" blog). My pet ball python Princess TigerLily is doing well. She in a bit of hibernation mode as it was quite chilly in Oklahoma. I've kept her happy by running our heating bill up; she loves the 85 degree indoors. And since I've been back in Oklahoma I have gotten to see my wiener puppy, Ema. She is still staying with my mother until my fiance and I have settled a bit more. I see her at least once every two weeks. She's doing just fine and is still her spoiled self.

SO I guess that sums up this "I'm Back" post. If any of you readers have thoughts, advice, comments, suggestions, questions, or even concerns leave a comment and I'll be sure to respond.

Nice to be Back,

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