Thursday, January 26, 2012

Giveaway: Are You Interested?

Well, I was thinking of hosting a few giveaways until I can get my blog in full working order.

This first giveaway would consist of 9 envelopes, meaning 9 winners!
Each envelope is different, with 9 different categories as follows:

Food Coupons
Non Food Coupons
Healthy Living Coupons
Cat Coupons
Dog Coupons
Baby/Kid Coupons
Target Store Coupons
Restaurant Coupons

The entries would be easy, simple ones such as: friend me on facebook, afullcup, comment on a post, vote @ picket fence, add my button, etc; and the giveaway would be open for a day or two so you'll have a chance to come back to complete your entries.

So would you be interested in entering this giveaway?
Leave a comment letting me know & we may just have ourselves a little giveaway soon!

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