Thursday, May 19, 2011

CVS/Pharmacy Deal: $1.50 Expo Washable 3pk Markers Coupon Match Up

Check your local CVS/pharmacy for the Expo washable dry erase 3pk markers to be on clearance!

The clearance price at my local store was $3.59, but paired with the -$2.oo/1 printable coupon found at (or from your account) I was able to pick them up at only $1.59 per pack!

Did you find these at your local store?

*Note: I go through these dry erase markers like crazy, so to find them at this low of a price was unbelievable to me. Unfortunately once I was home and tried them out on my dry erase calendar board, I was very disappointed to find out the blue dye used in the blue and green markers aren't dry erasable nor are they washable. I tried to simply wipe away the marks with the eraser, and once that didn't work I tried a soft towel with warm water. That didn't do anything, so then I used soap with the warm water, but still the blue stains are there. So now my calendar isn't in "working" condition since I can't see the orange or any other colors over the blue stains. But the orange marker is great; and it could just be my board not "liking" the blue dye.*

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