Thursday, May 26, 2011

CVS Deal: FREE Green Bag Tag & Crystal Light Mix Money Maker!

While you're out this week, don't forget to stop by your local CVS to pick up these great deals!

The first thing you will need for these deals is an Extra Care Card. If you don't already have one, you can kindly ask one of the available cashiers for one. Once you have your card, scan it at the red price checker kiosk found at the front of every CVS store.


 Continue to scan your card until the screen stated "No more coupons available for today". Now that all of your coupons have printed, take a look at them. Did you get the Greent Bag Tag and the -$1.oo/1 Crystal Light coupons? If so then follow the details below!

Use the Green Bag Tag coupon to pick up a FREE Geen Bag Tag. The Green Bag Tag is one way CVS rewards thier customers for "going green" and using a re-useable shopping bag instead of receiving one of the plastic bags at checkout. Simply attach the Greeb Bag Tag to your shopping bag or your keyring and use it everytime you shopping at CVS.

Now here is a great deal for the Crystal Light coupon.

Use the -$1.oo/1 Crystal Light coupon on the single On The Go stick packs priced @ $0.50 each. This mean you can make 50c and just buy one; or you can buy two and use the coupon to pick both sticks for FREE! *If you also have the 50c/2 tearpad coupon, you can pick three sticks up free of charge!*

Thanks Southern Savers

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