Monday, April 18, 2011

Extra, Extra Read All About It - Counterfeit Printable Coupon

A big thank you to I Heart the Mart for sharing this with us.

If you currently have the -$2.oo/2 listerine, stayfree, carefree, zyrtec, aveeno, band-aid, and neosporin multi-brand coupon shown above, tear it up and throw it away. No store will take this coupon, and if you are caught trying to use the above coupon, you could find yourself in a lot of trouble. This coupon is a fake, a counterfeit coupon.

 The bar code for this counterfeit coupon is as follows: 994115773197 0041167032822; also this fake coupon shows the expiration date of 4.30.11.

You can read more about the current countfeit coupons over at CIC.

I personally did not post this printable coupon, but I know some other blogs may have post it, and even included it a in few deals/coupon match ups. If you have already used this coupon, you should be okay. But if you still have it, I strongly suggest getting rid of it now!

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