Saturday, January 29, 2011

Grocery Shopping IQ Quiz - And My Score

So as I was checking some of my sites, I stumbled across a funny little quiz title: What's Your Grocery Shopping IQ? This quiz had about 12 questions and was fairly easy. It touched on some pretty basic couponing & saving strategies. Well after I completed the quiz, I was asked if I was interested in an of the "special offers". A few of the offers were for free samples, so I went ahead and requested them. Then I was allowed to see my score.

Can you guess what it was?

Your Score: You got 92% out of 100% correct!

Genius Level: You must be an expert coupon clipper and super-saver because you scored at the top of the charts! You probably know which stores double coupons, how to "stack" your savings and where to get the best deals in the store. If you're not already a member of, check it out for money-saving offers and fantastic printable grocery coupons.

I missed one question about babies and diapers services. Which I think is understandable since I do not have kids nor have I needed/used a diaper service before.

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