Monday, January 17, 2011

Great Youtube Comment - Short Black Friday Shopping Summary

So I want to share something with my readers.

Background Story: Black Friday shopping, I know I still haven't blogged about it, but I did mention a little about it on a comment I left on a video created by bigcouz52.

*Side Note & Warning: You should watch the video, and subscribe. Bigcouz52 has a lot of really great videos that I love to watch and learn from. Also some of you will find my username to be inappropriate, I apologize for that. I created that account years before I even knew about blogging, and so when I created my blog, all of the accounts linked up. Please note that once I start vlogging, I will create a different account.*

My Comment: "You mentioned being able to afford things that otherwise, you may not be able to purchase; well I would like to share a bit about my Black Friday shopping trip.
From Black Friday shopping @ CVS I was able to score $365 worth of products for only $26 at the register. After rebates I was paid $3.00! And one of the "bigger" items I bought was the Halogen Oven (priced @ $50)! To top it off, I still had $44 extra care bucks.
Also I love your videos, I really enjoy how you explain everything!"

And here is the comment posted by everlastingcurves in responce to mine: "@sex4ciggarettes Teach me oh Grandmaster. *bows* I thought I was cute when I got free deodorant or lip balm, but y'all are pimpin' CVS!!! Congratulations on getting such awesome deals!!!! You really showed that with patience and preparation you can make a killing. I'm subscribing!!!! : )"

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