Sunday, December 19, 2010

Printable Coupon Alert: Bah & Body Works - FREE 2 oz. Body Lotion, Choose Between 3 Different Scents + Last Day to Use!

Heading out to Bath & Body Works today? Don't forget to take this coupon with you!

Click HERE for a coupon worth a FREE 2 oz. body lotion with your choice of either the Bali Mango, Hawaii Coconut, or Fiji Passionfruit. No purchase necessary! The body lotion is valued at $3.50 each! 

This is a pdf format coupon, I know some people don't like/want to use those coupons so I try to let ya know. Also this coupon will take up the entire page. I tried to "shrink it to the printable area" but it still took up the entire page.

Today is the last day to use this coupon, sorry for the last post. : )

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