Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I'm Back from a Great Time with My Sister

Sorry for not posting for a while there, my older sister, Veronica, was visiting from Oklahoma. We didn't do too much, because she was only here for a few days. We managed to make it out to the mall, and Veronica met Matt's mom and aunt. We tried to go see Matt's Grandmother, but due to the car being towed we weren't able to make it out there. We had fun sleeping in, though. Also on the last day Veronica was here, she bought us a few nice things that we really needed. The biggest one being the memory foam mattress for our little crappy futon. Now it doesn't hurt to sit or sleep on it, YAY! And it doesn't feel like you are sitting/sleeping on the floor anymore. She also bought us a slow cooker and a blender. We already put the mattress on the futon, but we have yet to open the slow cooker or the blender. We are thinking about wrapping them and waiting until Christmas to use them. : )

It was nice to see my sister again, hopefully we can visit each other more often.

Thanks again Big Sis, I love ya!

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